PTFE/Teflon Fiberglass Fabric
Radial tire PTFE inner
2020-05-25 20:45:56

Radial tire inner liner PTFE Release fabric

Tire cord fabric is used as reinforced material for automotive tires. It is designed to keep tires in shape and prop up vehicle weight which has an important impact on the performance of tire. During the manufacturing process,high performace polyester yarn and nylon get twised and woven into fabric, and in order to increase bonding between rubber and fabric the adhesive latex will be added to the fabric, and KFLON PTFE adhesive fabric will be stuck to the roller for the release in the heat-treaded process the dimensional stability of tire cord fabric will be improved in this process. 

Inner Liner Special rubber compound highly impervious to air migration for maintaining air pressure without leaking.

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