PTFE/Teflon Fiberglass Fabric
PTFE Model Peel Ply
2020-05-18 13:47:32

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Teflon Fiberglass Fabric/Vacuum Model PTFE Peel Ply

PTFE fiberglass/Kevlar fabric is made from high intensity fiberglass yarn by plain weaving, satin weaving or cross grain, coated with fine quality PTFE Teflon

Features of PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric:

1. Dimensional stability, high strength, lengthening coefficient is less than 5%;

2. High temperature resistance, continuous operating temperature is -70-260 , can resist up to320 in a short time

3. Skin friction coefficient is low, good insulating property;

4. Resistance to bond, easy to clean all kinds of oil stain, dirty spot or other attached in the surface;

5. Excellent resistance of all kind of strong acidic or alkaline corrosion, no burning, endurable to aging.

Porous Teflon Coated Glass

This glass cloth has been coated with Teflon form a porous non- bondable fabric that can be used to control the resin content of a laminate during the bagging operation. It is applied directly over the uncured, epoxy impregnated glass, and then covered with a breather mat that will absorb the excess resin. The amount of resin removed is contingent upon the number of layers of bleeder felt used.

· Thickness: .003"

· Width: 50

· Weight:70g/m2

· Color:Brown/White

Non-porous Teflon Certified Glass

· The Non-porous Teflon Certified Glass Epoxy Mixing Sheet provides an non-stick, smooth surface. The Non-porous surface will not retain resin.Thickness: .005"

· Width: 50

· Weight:155g/m

· Color:Brown/White/Black

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