PTFE/Teflon Fusing Machinery Belt
Martin Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt
2016-06-28 12:26:17

PTFE Fusing Machine Belt/ Hashima Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt/Oshima Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt, Meyer Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt,Veit Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt,Martin Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt,Laster Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt,Fiblon Fusing Teflon Seamless Belt/

PTFE seamless fusing machine belt is made of high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar, knitted by special equipment and coated with fine PTFE. Suitable for all kinds of brand fusing machinery, such as Hashima,Oshima,Meyer,Veit,Martin,Laster,Fiblon and so on....


Features of PTFE fusing machine belt

1)High temperature resistance and adherence resistance;
2)Good tensile strength, preventing deflecting;
3)Excellent capability of resistance of static;
4)mooth surface, more suits for super thin lining;
5)Flex fatigue resistance, durable, long using life;

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