PTFE/Teflon Heating Sealing Machinery Belt
PTFE Teflon Fabric Sleeves
2016-04-25 21:08:20

PTFE/Teflon Heating Sealing Machinery Belt/Napkins Packing Machine Teflon Belt/Toilet Paper Packing Machine Teflon Belt/PTFE Plastic Bag Sealing Belt/PTFE Separator Conveyor Belt/Quartz Separator Teflon Belt/Roller Separator Teflon Kevlar Belt/PTFE Teflon Fabric Sleeves/Teflon Solar Laminator Release Fabric/Wind Turbine Blades Teflon Release Fabric/PTFE Breathable Fabric/PTFE Teflon Breathable Fabric/Teflon Mould Release Fabric/Solar Laminator Teflon Release Fabric/Wind Turbine Moulding Release Fabric/Wind Turbine Moulding Release Liner/Teflon Peel Ply Release Fabric/Teflon Peel Ply Fabric

PTFE fiberglass/Kevlar fabric is made from high intensity fiberglass yarn by plain weaving, satin weaving or cross grain, coated with fine quality PTFE Teflon

Features of PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric:

1. Dimensional stability, high strength, lengthening coefficient is less than 5%;

2. High temperature resistance, continuous operating temperature is -70-260 , can resist up to320 in a short time

3. Skin friction coefficient is low, good insulating property;

4. Resistance to bond, easy to clean all kinds of oil stain, dirty spot or other attached in the surface;

5. Excellent resistance of all kind of strong acidic or alkaline corrosion, no burning, endurable to aging.

PTFE seamless fusing machine belt is made of high tensile fiberglass or Kevlar, knitted by special equipment and coated with fine PTFE. Suitable for all kinds of brand fusing machinery.

Features of PTFE fusing machine belt

1)High temperature resistance and adherence resistance;
2)Good tensile strength, preventing deflecting;
3)Excellent capability of resistance of static;
4)mooth surface, more suits for super thin lining;

5)Flex fatigue resistance, durable, long using life;