PTFE/Teflon Fiberglass Fabric
PTFE Moulding Teflon Release Fabric
2020-05-18 20:54:30

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1.The Fuction of teflon fabric on the Solar Laminator.

 Before the Laminator selling to us, we found that 2pcs of teflon fabric was on the machienry. The purpose is make notice to our user the fabric was importance to obstruct the thawy EVA film to stick on the top of Silicone Rubber and bottom of laminator heating plate. Once the EVA film leaves on was hard to cleanning up.


2. The correct way to using teflon fabric.

 One Solar Laminator should be prepare 2sets of teflon fabric (4pcs fabric ). Once finished laminating, pls do not repeat using the previous teflon fabric, but rolling the teflon fabric and put it away and let it cooling down and easy to cleanning up the EVA film on fabric to ensure the fabric have the lustre like previous one. IF the EVA have not or can not remove from the fabric, then twice laminating, these EVA will be stick on the Solar Pannel Glass, Then it's can not be wipe even you use the alcohol. Once this kind of Solar Pannel was installed on the outdoors, EVA will be thawy again and will be have the dusts be adsorbed on the glass to prevent the sunshing , if it is continus will be have HOT SPOT EFFECT.


3. Attention for using teflon fabric.

 a).Before we cutting the fabric, should be insure the fabric surface was flat, do not have the wrinkles. Otherwise the Solar TPT,TPE or KPK will be also have the wrinkles to effect the using life.


b).During the using time, the fabric surface have the EVA film leave on fabric, use the wet duster cloth to wipe it .


c).Difference produced teflon fabric color was not keep the same, that's normal performance.It does not affect the product quality, but will not affect the use!